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14 / sort of artist / pronouns they/them

dr, dr2, homestuck, free!, probably others

new theme :D there's not much to say here now


Animals With Unusual Fur Markings [bp]

Previously: Cats Sitting Like HumansBunnies Sticking Their Tongues Out

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wip >.

wip >.

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that awesome feeling when you know that despite not talking to a friend everyday or even after a very long time that you’re both still cool



Hey guys! So, I’m not really seeing what I want to on my dash lately. Please like/reblog if you post any of these:

  • Red vs Blue
  • Anime/manga (Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Oyasumi Punpun)
  • Hannibal
  • Youtubers (preferably Rooster Teeth, Markiplier or Pewdiepie)
  • Video Games (I like any and all video games)
  • Pokemon

I’ll check out your blog and most likely follow you c:

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ok so there are some things missing from my dash that i would like to see more so if u post anything listed below then please reblog or like this uwu reblogging is preferred though because this post would get spread around more that way

  • nature/scenery/plants/flowers
  • sweets/desserts
  • asian…
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The eyepatch is cute. Do you like them?

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My pulse races, it’s hard to explain but it’s enjoyable


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don’t trust anyone who dislikes kaneki ken

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